Hello beautiful Stranger!​

My name is Agata and for 12 years I have been enamored with photographing people and their emotions. Recently I am also a mother of a wonderful girl named Freya – I mention that because motherhood made on me and my passion a huge (luckily positive) impact. Armed with a great pocket of love, patience and understanding, I am ready to work on the perpetuation of what is most important to you.

I started with press photography working as a photojournalist for photo agencies. My photos were published in columns of various colorful newspapers and magazines. The work was very fast and crazy, and due to the imposed schemes, which I had to keep, it did not allow me to fully develop wings and did not fully give the possibility to capture beautiful moments and real emotions. That is why I left this chapter behind and started to develop away from the rigid framework of press photography. And this is how I found myself here and I know…I drone on 😉 This is why I will end my disquisition and invite you to take a look at my portfolio, and if you decide
whether you want to know me better then I will invite you to my blog. If you need a photographer who will portray you, your family and children or will create for you a photo essay from your wedding or important events from your life – then stop searching and
call me!

I work in Poland and Sweden.


photo: Michał Warda / WhiteSmoke Studio <3